WATCH: Shep Smith Rips Disgraced Michael Flynn

Shepard Smith of Fox News ran over the fallen Michael Flynn today after Flynn filed papers with the DOJ to register as a foreign agent assisting Turkish President Recep Erdogan, a strongman president edging towards dictatorship.


Michael Flynn now admits he was working to help Recep Erdogan, the authoritarian Turkish President during the run up to the United States Election, got a half million dollars, while among other things, writing an op-ed for the Hill saying how great Erdogan was and how awful a Turkish Dissident was … and he did that while we were deciding who would be the next President, and while he the former Army Lt. General and Intelligence Chief was on the campaign trail with Donald Trump complaining about pay for play, as he was paid to play by a business man in support of the Turkish leader whose voting base is Islamic voters. Mike Flynn registered as a foreign agent, not before he became one last year, but night before last, retroactively.  Now the man who paid him is actually asking for his half million dollars back.

It has yet to be determined what kind of investigations will come with the fall of Michael Flynn.