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BREAKING NEWS: Man Claims He is Pence’s Gay Lover

An Indianapolis man recently came forward claiming he had a sexual relationship with Vice President Mike Pence. The man, a 25-year-old waiter and bartender from Indianapolis, claims he had a two-year relationship with Pence, which ended shortly before Pence was announced as the Vice Presidential candidate under Donald Trump. The man who “currently wishes to remain anonymous” claims met when we waited on Pence at a high-end restaurant in Indianapolis. The man describes being ‘wooed’ and called “his pet” by Pence. The man says he often would travel to locations where…

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GOP Licking its Chops for Impeachment

The line isn’t new. From the evening of the election there have been rumors of impeaching President Trump, but they have been mostly rumors, conspiracy theories from Trump supports or wishful thinking of Democrats. However, now three senior congressional staffers report that Republican leaders have had discussions of articles of impeachment. “They don’t currently have anything strong enough to impeach him right now,” noted one of the staffers, “but they’re betting on either the Russian thing or that Trump will hand them something, and they plan on being ready for it.” Regardless…

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