Portlandia Liberals Block Traffic, Whine about Getting Arrested

For approximately the 39th time since election day, liberal protesters took to the streets of Portland Oregon to protest the Trump presidency. During the protest, 13 people were arrested for blocking traffic and berating commuters, most of whom likely voted for Clinton as Portland went for Clinton by over 55 points. They subsequently began complaining on social media over the “unlawful arrests,” and “being attacked” by police, ignoring the fact they were in fact breaking the law by intentionally blocking traffic during a weekday rush hour.

Concurrently, another protest group that had obtained a protest permit from the city marched without incident. Gregory McKelvey the self-proclaimed leader of the Portland Resistance group declared over Twitter, “Permit talks broke down over police presence.” This statement came despite the fact that Portland’s march permits are filed though the city Department of Transportation prior to any event, and involve no “negotiations” or police involvement whatsoever. McKelvey and his group complained the fees for the permit were exorbitant, but Allison Madsen, PBOT Events Coordinator, noted “The City does not charge permit fees for those demonstration events considered as protected under the First Amendment.”

The “resistance” group then began to eat their own as they went on to bang on the door of the newly elected liberal major at 1am, frightening his young child, and berating the bath robed major, babbling incoherent demands and tying him to world events. More than one agitator can be heard slurring words in their self posted videos on YouTube. None of them were arrested for disturbing the peace, public drunkenness, or