Forthcoming Report Promises to Flip GOP on its Head

A study due to be released by a prominent conservative think tank shows views of Republicans are changing; driven by Millennials and Trump supporters. According to a researcher access to the report that requested anonymity because they do not have authority to speak to the press, the survey shows the majority of Republicans are still Pro Life, but by a smaller margin than the previous decade, and more shocking 54% of respondents do not  want Roe v Wade overturned.  Additionally, a similar percentage respondents showed support for access to birth control.

“These are more of your libertarian, live and let live, pragmatic people that are making up more of the Republican Party,” noted the researcher. “They don’t care is someone gets an abortion. They may not agree with it, but they don’t see it a something they should have judgement on.  We had respondents tell us they support access to birth control, even government subsidized, because they see it as a means to reduce welfare, the criminal justice system and other social welfare programs.” The traditional Christian Republican with a moral concern on things like abortion seems to be passing the the older generation. “We’ve seen it trending in this direction for a while, but something seems to have been a catalyst for this change. We don’t know if it is Trump or just older Republicans literally dying off.”

Ironically Trump has taken a strong Pro-Life stance, which according to Michael Rhodes of the Lobbying group Rhodes Consulting is a wrong move. “Trump has done almost everything right in terms of his base, but he’s making a mistake here. Republicans aren’t going hit back for his Pro-Life stance, but it’s going to push the buttons of liberals and these new Republicans aren’t going to back him up and some of the more centrist ones may even side with the Pro-Choice side.”

While some of the social issues have swung more left, the survey shows core Republican ideals still hold true – small government, lower taxes and states rights.
Rhodes adds, “The GOP needs to listen up. They essentially lost the White House to Trump and they’re going to get punished in the midterms if they continue with the the old guard.” Time will tell how much influence these new Republicans have on the GOP. agenda.