BREAKING NEWS: Man Claims He is Pence’s Gay Lover

An Indianapolis man recently came forward claiming he had a sexual relationship with Vice President Mike Pence. The man, a 25-year-old waiter and bartender from Indianapolis, claims he had a two-year relationship with Pence, which ended shortly before Pence was announced as the Vice Presidential candidate under Donald Trump.

The man who “currently wishes to remain anonymous” claims met when we waited on Pence at a high-end restaurant in Indianapolis. The man describes being ‘wooed’ and called “his pet” by Pence. The man says he often would travel to locations where Pence was traveling or visiting by himself and staying in the same hotel as the then Governor. He said Pence would then “sneak out” to visit his room where they would order room service, drinks and have sex. The man claimed he paid for the costs himself, but that Pence “helped with expenses.” When asked how he covered the costs for high-end meals and hotels on a waiter’s salary the man admitted that Pence would “pay him back,” for the expenses; typically in the form of cash or personal checks. He admitted he was “paid back” for items like trips, stays at high-end hotels where Pence was also staying. clothes, alcohol, dinner, but “never money.” He would not produce receipts or copies of the noted personal checks.

He said most of Pence’s staff were unaware of the relationship except for Pence’s closest aids that he suspected knew of the relationship. He says he did interact with the staff at times and was described “a student” under Pence’s mentorship. He said he was not involved in Pence’s administrative operations and usually kept a “low-profile” during trips staying in his room during the day to avoid running into Pence or staff.

The man went on to describe Pence as a “very sexual man” and “a very caring and tender person,” who he loved. When asked why he would out someone he loved when it could ruin their career, the man said “Mike is a deeply troubled man who needs to come to terms with who is really is. I don’t want to hurt him, but what he is doing is hurting other people and I believe it has to do with his own hate he has for himself. I’m sure he will never forgive me for this, but I hope this can help him heal himself.” The waiter said he was coming out now because of Pence and Trump’s “stance on gay and transgender issues.” When pressed on the fact that Mike Pence has a long history of what could be described as anti-gay views the man declined to respond.

The man who still lives and works in the Indianapolis area said he has not had contact with Pence or his administration since Pence broke off the relationship before presidential campaign. He asserts that his disclosure is not an attempt to extort Vice President Pence or gain wealth or fame for himself, though the timing and situation seem suspicious.

Mike Pence has a been criticized for his record on gay and transgender rights and by claims that he believes in the controversial practice of “conversion therapy,” which claims to cure homosexuality. Pence’s spokesman, Marc Lotter denies that Pence supports the practice, which has been discredited by the medial industry.

The Pence office could not be reached for comment.